Scarborough Fair Collection - Flower of May

Scarborough Fair Collection

Scarborough Fair Collection

Scarborough Fair Collection at the Flower of May Holiday Park

The Scarborough Fair Collection on-site at the Flower of May Holiday Park provides a unique glimpse into days gone by when steam was king and Britain was the workshop to the world.

However, it is not just Britain’s rich heritage that is on offer, as alongside the mighty steam engines and fairground rides we have:

  • fair organs from France and Germany
  • street organs from Holland
  • dance organs from Belgium
  • theatre organs
  • vintage vehicles from America

And much, much more.

Visitors are able to take a trip back in time and experience the joys of the old time fair and then enjoy a taste of the 1930’s with the theatre organ show, reminiscent of the days when all the best cinemas had their own organ and the pre film entertainment was as popular as the main feature itself.

“A Hidden Gem” as awarded by Visit England

Following our recent assessment under the VisitEngland Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme they are pleased to announce that our attraction is one of the first recipients of a “VisitEngland Hidden Gem Accolade“.

This accolade has been awarded due to the high standard of quality at our small attraction, which the assessor felt was a truly deserving recognition.

Galloping Horses Fairground Ride

Vintage Fair

Almost everyone has special childhood memories of a visit to the fair and we hope to bring these flooding back during your visit. Come and take a ride on our traditional Galloping Horses roundabout, the most iconic of all English fairground rides and experience the charm and thrill of these traditional fairground attractions.

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Vintage Steam Traction Engine

Steam Engines

The collection is home to four very fine showman’s steam engines that were originally used to haul the fairground attractions from town to town, used to assist with the assembly of the rides and shows then generate the electricity required to power them. Our engines are stunning examples of the time and a delight for our museum visitors.

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Wurlitzer Cinema Organ

Cinema Organs

With the introduction of the silent movie came a need for a suitable musical accompaniment. Hence the development of the famous ‘Wurlitzer’ organs. At Scarborough Fair museum we have one of the most complete collections and examples of these beautiful old cinema organs, lovingly restored to their former glory.

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